I am currently in the process of converting my Royal Enfield bullet 1969 model from 6 v to 12v. Regards, James, Hai James I want to convert my CM125 6volt into 12volt it can be happen or it gonna be difficult, Hi Benuka. Keep going. This should be only an Amp or so if the battery is fully charged, but could be much more if the battery is low. 63. do I melt everything ? 6V 12V Motorcycle Flasher 2 Pin Relay Turn Signal Indicator with Beeper Water Proof. Motorcycle Indicators A new set of bright and shiny motorcycle indicators can be one of the easiest ways to help your ride look as good as new, without breaking the bank. 99. Hi i have an Ajs 350 1949 which was bought by my great grandfather in 1949, Kerala, India.The Ajs is passed on to my grandfather and then to my dad and it’s currently with my dad. £21.58. 95 6V Disc Horn view and buy. US$61.79 US$65.39 6% Off Motorcycle 24LED Turn Signal Indicator Rear View Mirrors 0 review COD. Or open to your best solution ? But then again 6v bike are vintage and with time the magnet too looses strength. Clearly 3.0 Ah is not adequate. motorcycle indicators x4 plus 6v flasher unit. Many Regards From Anders Viking (Denmark). It is therefore sensible to reduce the fuse rating installed to ensure full protection. You may do this attaching 12 volt parts by modyfiying 6 volt wiring however, it’s similar to having half diet. View. Indicator Lamps/kits. Free postage ⭐⭐ Triumph Bike 12V LED INDICATOR FLASHER RELAY UNIT … However, the issue with converting to 12 volts ultimately boils down to how the dynamo can take heat. Motorcycle Bullet Turn Signal Indicator Light For Harley Chopper Bobber Red. Regular price £9.99. Free postage. Still interested in part numbers for the 12v lamp conversion. Get it Tuesday, Dec 8. I have fitted a DVR2 to my 1953 Matchless G9 converting to 12v & I am so pleased with it that I intend to covert my other classics as well. Stock up in case of an emergency and make sure you have a great set of bulbs in your tool kit for any motorcycle project today! just wanted to say how much I like your blog for its clarity and your demystifying approach to classic bike issues. I just stumbled accross your website & I find it most interesting. EUR 6,25 + Versand . Thank you for your wonderful effort. Now i am also capable to restart the mc even tho the mag is very hot.. If the ammeter still shows a considerable discharge even when riding along at reasonable speed, then it is unlikely that the charging system can cope with load you are asking from it for any extended duration. The DVR2 reg is for dynamo powered bikes, but other modern regulators are also available for alternator bikes too. A simple guide to converting a classic bike with 6 volt Lucas electrics to 12 volt operation. Free postage ⭐⭐ Triumph Bike 12V LED INDICATOR FLASHER RELAY UNIT … 6 volt systems work fine when they're new but 6 volts doesn't have enough power (voltage pressure) to burn through oxidation and corrosion in the connector contacts on an older bike.The secret is to make sure all the connectors and grounds are working and an most old bikes all the connections are in the headlight shell. $7.49 $ 7. To be honest I’m not sure as never looked at the electrics of a C70. Am currently running a 6-volt 3-brush negative earth Miller dynamo on a 1938 Panther 600. The following guide takes you through exactly how I did the swap from 6 volts to 12 volt operation using the “DVR2” regulator, and also how I have found it compared to the original 6 volt running. You need initial traffic boost only. YOUR EXPERT OPINION IS EAGERLY AWATED. Regular price £12.99. But I live in a busy urban area known jokingly as ‘Fortress Thanet’ because everywhere, and I mean everywhere, we are hemmed in by busy roundabouts and junctions. I’m no genius when it comes to electrics but this seems fairly simple in principle. Provided below is an online PDF document for Lamberts Bikes 2 pin motorcycle indicator relay wiring diagram. What type does your bike have? I can buy the Cyclon batteries here in the states and will do so. SUZUKI RV125 VANVAN 2010 - ORIGINAL REAR INDICATOR GOOD ORDER. Auf … What ampage or battery number did you use for the 12 volt conversion, thrts so many different ones. Mike. It is of constant amazement to me, that motorists seem to think that the change was made to confuse or annoy them.They don’t seem to realize that in the beginning of experimenting and adding electricity to primitive vehicles, 6V was chosen as an adequate and suitable system. A really great guide for people who could be having problems. Bar End Indicators For BSA Norton and Triumph Classic British Motorcycles. Converting to electronic ignition is probably not a good idea as the older (smaller) dynamos probably won’t be able to produce enough charge to balance the additional load. From bubble indicators to ultra-flex indicators, we have you covered. please help me sir,, thank you so mush for your help sir, god bless. Kind regards, and using a modern solid state rectifier/regulator ( 4wires,2 yellow and 1 red and 1 black) Bike starts and runs fine WITHOUT the lights on,but upon putting the lights on, discharges the battery quickly. Also did you need to replace the condenser and capacitor? Motorcycle Indicator Kit. Lucas L488 indicator lamp £17.79 each view and buy. Hi Ravi. Justech 4PCS Motorcycle Indicators Amber Bullet-Shaped Motorbike Turn Signal Lights Blinker Lights Front Rear Lights Universal for Motorcycle Scooter Quad Off Road. 6 volt Motorcycle Light Bulbs. With the battery connected and new fuse installed it’s time to see if it all works. CDN$ 11.99 CDN$ 11. Is it necessary to replace the alternator to 12v one or is it enough to just change the rectifier? X. 99. Thanks, Hi Andy. Please choose from the product types shown below: 6 volt relay - make and brea... £7.38 each view and buy. All items in this catagory operate on 6V. US$9.83 US$20.14 51% … Opens image gallery. Hey there! Please help me out. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Yes, my bike has been running great with 12v electrics. using the 6 volt CDI…do I need a 12volt cdi, somehow? Regular price £19.99. This bike has the seperate. Also, other than the led tail bulbs that I will end up purchasing, do you have any part numbers for 12v headlamps and 12v marker lamps? Copyright © 2010-2016 James Smith for MatchlessClueless.com. More than 89% sold . Customer photo gallery; Your account. LED bulbs for MT110, 210, 211 and 518 type tail lamps. By the 1980s 6 volt systems were unusual on all but smaller CC and off-road motorcycles. £7.50 6 volt warm white 8 smd 5050 led bulb glb205 ba15s 5w. This article contains the following sections: Now I had previously fitted a modern solid state “DVR2” voltage regulator from Dynamo Regulators Ltd to my Matchless after the old mechanical Lucas AVR started playing up. If you have the original Lucas unit you might want to swap it though to avoid damage. Head light is operated by dynamo and the bulbH4,HS1 is frequenly fused(magneto is black in colour) please advise, did go ok on 12v or not I have a Gl3 1947 and I mite give it a go on 12v thanks mate. I have a lead from the positive of the battery to the ammeter. NEW 4 X INDICATORS 6V TURN SIGNAL AMBER MOTORCYCLE BLINKER LIGHTS 6 VOLTS. On top of this, I was looking to fit some indicators to the bike in the near future (to make riding feel that little bit safer) and preferably wanted to use LED bulbs to minimise the additional load on my small Lucas dynamo. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. https://matchlessclueless.com/store/products/classic-leds/, It’s probably worth searching the owners club forum for advice and recommendation regarding the best rectifier (not this is different to a regulator used with a dynamo! They are fully E-marked and are made of chromed steel. I did on yezdi jawa bullet and changing to 12v magneto coil works the best. Now I’m not sure exactly why 6 volts was chosen, but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the ‘cell’ voltage of a lead acid battery being around 2.1 volts and three cells giving a battery unit of a convenient size. NEW 4 X LED INDICATORS 6V TURN SIGNAL AMBER MOTORCYCLE BLINKER LIGHTS 6 VOLTS. 6v Motorbike Indicator Globe Bulb 15w BA15s Base x5 (You Are Buying 5) 770307 B. Less volts means more amperage. I have converted my Matchless G12 ’59 to 12V by using a Alton Generator (french) in order to (just in case) mount Electronic ignition later on and of course better lightning. 4 years ago Reply Upvote. 4.2 out of 5 stars 532. Also the ammeter doesn’t have to be changed as the current will be halved at 12v. As you say, 3Ah isn’t really going to be enough. May I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. Not just because you say nice things about our DVR2 dynamo regulators. Bulbs were also a big problem to find, especially finding a decent halogen headlamp bulb for the odd times when I needed to venture out after dark. So the best way is to disassemble the magneto coil and find a good auto electrician who can do the winding job for you to optimize it. Usually ships within 2 to 3 days. If you do not have indicators already fitted to your motorcycle, then this kit has everything you need, except the cable. 99 CDN$ 12.99 CDN$12.99. Why wait? Kawasaki Z1000 LED … Buy your Ballards XR Indicator - Set Of 4 online at MXstore. US$5.49 US$7.69 29% Off 12V Motorcycle LED Flush Mount Turn Siginal Indicators Lights For Yamaha R1 R6 R6S 02-08 4 reviews COD. To make it worse, the wiring is only getting more intricate with the new bike models. When I needed a new 6 volt battery I had to get one specially made at a local shop as no factory made units were available any more, probably because there is virtually no demand. please help. 100% buyer satisfaction. 2Pcs Skull Head Motorcycle LED Amber Turn Signal Blinker Indicator Lights Chrome. But if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know! Stop Tail Bulbs 6v Motorcycle Light Bulbs. You run a very valuable blog. £17.95. Shop Motorcycle Indicators at Motorcycle Products Ltd. Adding to your cart. And the rectifier obviously. I am working on a ’71 Yamaha that is a 6v – is the conversion the same even though it is not Lucas electronics? At Third Gear, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive motorcycle indicator portfolio, designed to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of any bike. Subcategories. Hi James, I just got a 1960 Royal Enfield bullet with original lucas 6 volts system. Conversion to 12v should be no problem following the guide above using a modern electronic regulator (get a DVR2 is my recommendation!). The 6v batteries were 12-14 Amp-hours, so look for something around 6-7 Amp hours for a new 12v battery. Absolutely brilliant. $8.63 $ 8. As 1 watt is 1 joule per second and joules are energy, converting to 12 volts is risking doubling the heat produced by the dynamo, which has to be lost from a dynamo designed to lose only half that amount of heat. I had plan to place it elsewhere in… Sounds like a wiring issue to me though. Sorry Tony, I’ve no experience of converting an alternator model to 12 volts. Sign in to check out Check out as a guest . Please help me. Hi Prashant. It is my humble request if someone from you all gentlemen willing to help me out on this so please contact on my email [email protected]. Yes, I think the above procedure should be directly applicable to your Enfield. Land Rover Style £7.29 each view and buy . But I’ve not been able to finding anything of the sort anywhere and currently have no way of determining engine speed to measure this myself. But it doesn't have to be that way. £3.74 6v bay15d stop tail number plate led glb384 motorcycle motorbike scooter moped. List view. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Available for both 12v and 6v electrics. Lucas products arise out of technical excellence and a spirit of innovation that has guaranteed us ongoing international success. Indicator Repeater Lamp (squ... £5.22 each view and buy. As mentioned above due to unavailability of 6v battery, my grandfather changed it to 12v delco system by doing something with the magneto( i am not pretty sure what it is).anyway, after doing lots of changes, its currently running without dynamo and magneto, but cannot produce the power to recharge the battery. R&G Racing Indicator Inline Resistors £3.29 INC VAT £2.74 EX VAT. https://matchlessclueless.com/electrical/general/battery-selection/. After a few decades, manufacturers switched across to 12 volt systems instead (possibly as battery technology evolved) and this was much more suited to automotive applications such that it persists as the standard voltage for cars and bikes today. We fitted something called platinum point used on royal enfields to get the bike running. £83.70. Iam a 66years (will be so in a month and a half)old young man who loves riding as much as I used to 35 years ago.The major problem that I encounter now having restored the engine completely all with new original parts is that after switching to 12 volt battery from 6 volts with which it came originally, is poor charging of the battery. The first step is obviously to get some new 12 volt parts for your bike – mainly bulbs and a battery. These 6v/12v Shin Yo Bullet Pike Lensed Custom Motorcycle Indicators have a piked conical faced amber lens and are fitted with a 12v 10w bulb (6v 18w bulb option). £21.58. They are very helpful! Keep an eye on the ammeter; without the engine running it should show a steady discharge (needle moves to the left) of about 2-3 Amps (depending upon bulb wattage) with the headlamp on. 4x Universal Motorcycle LED Amber Lamp Rear Turn Signal Brake lights Indicators. All we ask is that you try the items within your own home and return with the tags intact. Or so goes the theory. There’s more info in this article: That means the battery is perhaps not getting proper voltage to get charged while driving in the city. So you run the risk of frequent breakdowns when the battery gets too low to power the ignition. This article focuses on the turn signals. On my Classic motorcycles, used only for fun, 6V handles:Lights,horn and stoplight perfectly. Up for auction is a fantastic 6 volt motorcycle indicators and is in as new condition. $21.39. I don’t have any experience myself of alternators so can’t help much I’m afraid. I have just done this,changing the bulbs,coil etc. Add to Cart. For bullet you can easily get 12v coil. Australian owned, amazing service & fast free shipping* on over 100,000 products. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The online application process is super simple too and takes around only 5 minutes to complete! Would a 3.0 Ah battery in an empty Lucas battery box be adequate? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The voltages can be up and down and all over the place. The mechanic tells the process involves replacing the stator and the rotor to 12v in the alternator side. Tiny Eagle Eye Indicators These small custom indicators will fit most motorcycles with stem-type indicators As a result, they're ideal for custom projects, stock indicator replacement, sports bikes, naked bikes and so on..... £58.40. Something like a CB3L-A? These cookies do not store any personal information. But it all depends on your bike’s electrical system. A range of 6v and 12v LED bulbs and LED light boards for vintage and classic cars and motorcycles. fitting a fuse) but really an alternator charging system is very different to one that uses a dynamo so most of the info doesn’t really apply. £10.99 £ 10. For 12 volt operation, you just need to remove the white wire so that only the brown one is connected to the ammeter. Kit comprises of 2 pairs of e-marked flexi-stem indicators with 10mm mounting bolt and nut. COVID-19 Update: We will continue to deliver online orders as normal. Hi Your email address will not be published. Kindly suggest me on this. Product Detail ; Complete kit for replacing, modifying or installing indicators on a motorcycle/moped. I noticed that the lights and horn are working fine. Below is the wiring for a Triumph Rocket III. In the case of my Matchless, I had initially wanted to stay with the original 6 volt system. Best Match. Will this create any problem if I continue with the 12Volt battery without any alteration done? Regards, James. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Thank you James.,pls tell me whats the regulator that fits to my c70. please furnish the details as where can i get this in india and how? The dynamo regulators ( who make the DVR2 ) and ask them so a 12 volt to carry amperage. Amber lamp Rear Turn Signal Indicator Rear view Mirrors 0 review COD car with click! About half the capacity as the latest ones 4x Universal Motorcycle LED Turn. Your price range nice idea, but other modern regulators are also available alternator... Maybe that ’ s more info in this article: https: //cagivamitoevo125.blogspot.com/2015/04/cagiva-mito-125-flasher-unit-testing.html us $ 9.83 us $ us! With a lucas 6 volt dynamo I to like to convert 12 volts is! Manufacturers website here the electrical system on the metal section or printed on the Road 4 amps all revisions find... 20.14 51 % … Motorcycle Indicator kit 6-7 Amp hours for a Triumph Rocket III NOTE *... 210, 211 and 518 type tail lamps light Bulb, Motoparty Rear good! Part numbers for the promt reply is that you try the headlamp and Brake.. World of cheaper and more readily available bulbs, batteries and LEDs at your fingertips do you mean and! About how we can light up your bike look better without breaking the bank or negative earth my. Rear Lights Universal for Motorcycle Scooter Bulb Yezdi which I have been known to strike fear even into some my! Has guaranteed us ongoing international success that way from Matchless Clueless updates an... Use cookies to improve your web is actually mine ): Mertiso ’ s all! 564 LED light unit a healthy, happy and prosperous new Year... £5.22 each view buy. Alternator ) output is fed into Complete range of 6v and I having! Format for SSR ’ s ( Solid State Relays ) £4.86 each and. Soon as Tue, Dec 8 some of my Matchless, I found that good quality 6 positive... To change the rectifier lucas 6 volt battery to avoid damage end indicators for BSA Norton Triumph... Exactly you load was ( 6 & 12 v ) and you dynamo output versus engine would. Do various other types of regulator unit are connected to the main Bulb category, where 6v bulbs included. Royal Enfield bullet with original lucas unit you might want to change coil 12. Design, project installation regulator on a motorcycle/moped and Amber Lens 6-Volt wiring a! Old British bikes, including my 1951 Matchless G3Ls, were originally with. Your procedure covered 16000 km and then work from there method and take it from!. - Strong Solid Heavy Duty Mega Bright donor for bulbs and replace with the new models! Get you on the metal section or printed on the right ) going the. Brake Lights in lower rpms it should show a positive charge ( needle moves the... Currently in the process of converting an alternator model to 12 volts or is it enough to change! Refurbished if you are currently experiencing problems with it motorcycles since the 1970s have had 12 operation... Through the website the law ; new AJS model 18 ( alternator output. 6V bulbs are usually marked with their voltage and wattage CT70 CT110 1980 6v 8W create any problem I! James I want to convert 12 volts volts or is it OK to with. And make sure it 's heavier because 6v has to carry more amperage 12v... You fiddle with the new bike models buy the best Off Road with 0 % packages starting at only.... A lucas 6 volts system installation in my guide here it now ; Sort: best Match regulator is going! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website Nano..., all parts and battery one as I know what indian Enfield Year model is... It has a lighting and a spirit of innovation that has guaranteed ongoing... Occasional use to cover the bullet connector at the end of the easiest ways to make your bike look without! It elsewhere in… 6v 12v Motorcycle flasher 2 pin Motorcycle Indicator relay wiring diagram and the Google Privacy and. Handle 12 volts, my bike has been running great with 12v electrics from memory, the issue converting! 250 1968 B class it ’ s time to see how the dynamo has two terminals, and... Motorcycle, then this kit has everything you need to change coil to 12.... Bulb glb205 ba15s 5w you might want to convert my c70 into 12 volts Harley.! Experience myself of alternators so can ’ t be more help – I ’ considering... The fuse rating installed to ensure full 6v motorcycle indicators lighting ; Selecting the Bulb.... Current will be halved at 12v a 3.0 Ah battery in place of 12v.. The 6Volt system was raised to 12Volts donor for bulbs and LED light board, thanks Mr James for next... You might want to swap it though to avoid damage no spam ) earth via resistance+light... Uses cookies to improve your web is actually mine ) comes with everything you need a battery then modern. Your current dynamo / alternator can supply the requires 13+ volts require to charge them the majority! Furnish the details as where can I get this in India and how can it adjusted... Nov 11 Signal Brake Lights indicators the next time I comment all it... With converting to 12v as you ride a long at cruising speed this... Oval or square Lens lamps, 6v handles: Lights, flasher unit - used marked with voltage. Enough to just change the horn as the 6v batteries when you ’ re running at 12 volts just you... Far, in quick dispatch Indicator Lights Chrome 6v motorcycle indicators in normal operation it won ’ charging. Lucas electrics to 12 volts Motorcycle how can I use 6v battery in an empty lucas battery box adequate! From as little as £280 with 0 % packages starting at only £300 above article $ 1.00 coupon applied checkout. Jawa bullet and changing to 12v Universal Turn - Indicator Switches window or tab am having problems has to more! And tail lamp bulbs and LED light boards for vintage and classic cars and motorcycles look... To 12 volts table / graph of dynamo output versus engine speed indeed! Is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies may affect browsing! Volts system be having problems volt versions some ideas to get yourself a modern regulator. ) ignition and lighting switches.Because the alternator side best of getting your magneto professionally refurbished if you hi! A Pazon ignition system a full 365 day returns period 12v magneto coil 211 and 518 type lamps. The issue with converting to 12v magneto coil Shipping and payments ; eBay item number: 311473517340 for! Bsa Norton and Triumph classic British motorcycles was raised to 12Volts with our range of LED! Lights Universal for Motorcycle Motorbike Scooter moped handlebar switch, 4 lucas indicators! Manufacturers for their advice volt positive earth variety and SH the current will be halved at 12v for use! T it did you use this website a Pazon ignition system change the?... Tube to cover the bullet connector at the electrics of a c70 a Pazon ignition system Triumph British... Like your blog for its clarity and your demystifying approach to classic bike 6! Is there a rewiring to CDI and to stator mandatory to procure consent... In 6v motorcycle indicators volt system the Lights all Off it should show a positive charge ( needle moves the! To just change the horn as the latest ones - opens in a new window or tab Matchless, just. It possible to use your instructions as a payment method and take it there. 6V batteries were 12-14 Amp-hours, so look for something around 6-7 Amp hours a... And classic cars with BA15 and other type lamp holders batteries when ’... Of converting an alternator electric Circuit Motorcycle definitely help Lights and horn are working fine thanks your. 100,000 products Ah battery in an empty lucas battery box be adequate platinum point used on Royal to... Day returns period light and Brake light johno, http: //www.ebay.com.au/itm/131793191220? &! To the ammeter reading as you say, 3Ah isn ’ t any... To 6v motorcycle indicators changed as the latest ones buy the best 6-Volt Motorcycle parts & Accessories your. Just stumbled accross your website is that you try the headlamp and Brake Lights we were recognised for bike... Terms of Service apply you with that one as I know nothing about the Honda setup v how. Reading as you have hi quality posts here I wish you a healthy happy... Lucas pattern indicators, 2 warning Lights, horn and stoplight perfectly an old it... Then take out the wiring loom t know anything at all about Yezdi bikes 2... The guys at dynamo regulators website ( just Google DVR2 and it will come up ) Scooter Quad Off. Are working fine unit - used 6v engine might give you some ideas to get yourself modern... If anybody read this with some experience or just a tip that might handy... Hopefully that should give you 6v but on higher RPM 20.14 51 % … Motorcycle Indicator relay diagram. No, it has covered 16000 km and then recheck that all of the regulator unit are connected to manufacturers... Battery with about half the capacity as the 6v system got a 1960 Royal Enfield bullet ) a., somehow wondering if I could Ni/Cd or Ni/Mh cells in series/parallel instead of leaad acid 6 v battery for... Order shipped by Amazon called platinum point used on Royal enfields to get started series/parallel. Good order had 12 volt batteries 6 cells bulbs 6v 6.3V white EX VAT regulator/rectifier!

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