I'm playing a CHA 8 hermit monk who asks awkward or blunt questions and generally misses the mark on social tact. The party keeps him around because he's useful, but also incredibly incompetent (Wild Magic) and easily persuaded, so he'll never be an actual evil threat. Any other ideas? Barbarian tried intimidating the wizard, but the bard used some charismatic persuasion to ask why he drank so much, why was he trying to drown himself? One of my players mentioned that his peasant-turned-soldier fighter shouldn't know how to read, and I could have kissed him, I was so happy. Close. My DM was in on it, and would have the party roll some insights/perception to see if they could tell I was drunk. Expensive clothes, items for pure vanity more than function, etc. Her major flaw is that anyone who is devout she instantly trusts and anyone who insults any gods she gets angry with. Greed: All the money, all the items. Fighter who used to struggle with multi-tasking, now much better. Your spellbook is just a children's activity book filled with coloring pages, mazes, and connect the dot puzzles. You'd also feel offended by anyone downplayed those accomplishments. 2.3m members in the DnD community. 52 votes, 77 comments. Of the two with high CHA, one character is super narcissistic and generally obnoxious but good-hearted and the other player doesn't quite grasp how to RP his character's interactions to leverage his Charisma skill bonuses. He's amazing. Which really affected the gnome. In one the first decent RP groups I played with I got some really good comments about how I played a socially awkward rock gnome. All of the above? 1 year ago. The only issue I had with the character and my party was the first time the gnome encountered a female NPC. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I'm starting a campaign tonight and will be randomly assigning each of my PC's a character flaw. I may or may not have had a secret second waterskin filled with firewater and found my character with a -1 for a fight. Press J to jump to the feed. Needless to say, social interactions are... interesting? Follow. You can wither over eat, or have the need to eat better things. p.s. Psychological difficulties are fun to roleplay too if you know how to do it and don't go overboard. DnD 5e Flaws 1. Nasty scars (reducing diplomacy chances) or Blindness? Lungs are gross. Organics are gross. 2. Or someone doing bad deals because of their bad temper. when you do lose. One of my players' character is a 14 year old monk who ran away from the monastery because she did something bad and felt guilty. My 1st DnD character had a flaw that was written as “Your head is not firmly attached from the neck up. Superman has flaws. Back to Main Page → 3.5e Homebrew → Character Options → Flaws. His smell is so bad he can turn away enemies. 42. He likes to walk in to dark rooms to light them up. Once of these adds character, lets you be bad and fail, sometimes hilariously, at some things. Don't overthink it. Gluttony: You find comfort in food. You still control both head and body at anytime, they both act in the same initiative” I played a kleptomaniac lawful neutral paladin once. How about we just roleplay a character how we would act in real life and not give a shit about flaws or alignments? It's a flaw that other characters can play off of very well. It's a flaw that can't possibly be used to give a roleplaying advantage, and it shows how much the player cares about the setting—where literacy should be rare! Flaws without any improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Use this character flaw if you want your D&D character to have an addictive personality, or if you want to give them something they can get kind of grouchy about at some point in the plotline. User account menu. It's a great site, I'd recommend checking out. You might have to pray to old lady big rock mountain to not kill everyone with rockslides. He was always fighting between is sense of justice and his needs to steal, I roleplayed an alcoholic wizard once. For extra points give them a very specific way to cool down like tea or cats. My character took an ax to the throat and survived her own execution. Effect: You receive a -4 penalty on any saves to resist distraction (this stacks with the -6 penalty that Catfolk receive on such checks). 6. My half-orc’s flaw was his inability to speak grammatically or coherently in common. Effect: You are permanently blinded.Because you have grown accustomed to this state, the associated penalties to AC and skill checks are halved. Maybe it's an overreaction, but I think our modern perspective really underestimates the rarity of literacy. Its your second language. Deep Flaws come in pairs (opposites) that cancel each other out. Despite me playing the character as I always had, a lot of the guys just assumed my gnome "fancied her" and kept hinting at things going weird between the two. That led to some interesting encounters where he got tricked by some tree sprites into drinking enchanted tea, and another occasion where (for story purposes) an NPC Hag joined the party for a time. 4. They thought I had it planned all along, but shhhh. It's so relaxing and so much fun. I struggle knowing that your colleague have items and abilities that you do not possess. His overland travel stuff is quite good, in particular. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Credit to theangrygm.com for the conflicting ideals concept. See More by TheDarkTiki. Credit to theangrygm.com for the conflicting ideals concept. Then someone spoke to her in draconic and I replied in perfectly clear speech and everyone was like 'what the hell?'. I have a warforged that gets squeamish about seeing biological processes. So much this. It seems trivial but eventually my party met a half-orc NPC who spoke Orcish, my character was posh and refined as hell in Orchish. If other people are eating or noticeably breathing hard it makes him sick. Angry's rants can be a PITA to read through, but there's a ton of strong advice that teaches you HOW to GM, not just how to deal with specific situations, but overall rules that best facilitate the goals of interesting decision-making at the table. If I believe in Justice and also Security, should I capture/kill the warlords son for extortion, if doing so will result in the warlord coming to raze the village in revenge? I took this as an alternative to one of the flaws back in 3.5. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Posted by. Examples include: paranoia, an obsession, past trauma or social awkwardness. Your feelings and words get misconstrued a lot. It's a ton of fun. r/DnD. The party had to watch me in town to make sure I didn't spend all our gold at the tavern. Can confirm these 7 traits have never held me back IRL. Good opportunity for a character growth arc too, as the harsh world teaches him not to be so trusting of everything and he learns to be more cautious sometimes for the sake of his friends. Dragon # 324, p. 93 -- flaws for druids Dragon # 324, p. 96 -- flaws for paladins Dragon # 324, p. 98 -- flaws for bards Dragon # 325, p. 93 -- flaws for barbarians Dragon # 326, p. 91 -- flaws for clerics Dragon # 327, p. 93 -- flaws for sorcerors Dragon # 328, p. 41 -- flaws for non-humans This is the thread about new flaws and traits. Eww, respiration is gross. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Sloth: "Yeah I'll look around" Proceeds to say everything is fine and not watching. If you skim the lists on backgrounds in the PHB, you'll notice that many traits skirt the edge of being a "flaw", and there's a lot of variability in how flawed the flaws are. frustrating? He's not a murder hobo or the kind of guy who will just charge into a cave swinging his sword at a sleeping dragon. Lust: Either go for lady favors, men favors or simply excessive things. But imagine a wizard lacking self control and going berserk. "If you can make fire with a couple of sticks, I can pick locks with sticks." The thing is, I just thought it might be fun to play someone with a flaw, the party guided me into the backstory bit. He believes everyone can be as good as he is, or overcome their little neurosis and insecurities, but not everyone can. Illiterate characters make me happy. Most of the time he says the wrong thing (player issue more than character) so the outcomes of his persuasion/deception attempts are a mixed bag at best. You can roleplay this both physically and mentally in your character. They must be rolled for as per the table. Having flesh is gross. One simple way to make sure traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws see a bit more play is to put the awarding of Inspiration in the players' hands. It's a great site, I'd recommend checking out. I am suspicious of strangers and suspect the worst of them. The most common is the barbarian. Flaws should always have a down side. Wrath: You struggle to keep your cool. So I had to drop out of character for a sec and just tell them straight that's not how I play and never would. As someone who DMs a lot, when I do play I always make naive characters too so that I'm forced to do things as a character I would probably know better than to do as a DM. ~ The inability to speak. Flaws are like the flip side of feats. log in sign up. #dnd-flaws. The entries are word for word from the magazine. A "Flaw" in game terms is sort of like a "negative feat", in that it provides a penalty or otherwise hindrance to the character who has it. I recently upgraded to a Vivoactive 4 after happily using a Vivoactive 1 for 5 years. This is one I'm still waiting to use.Flaw: Illiteracy.Class: Wizard. My piety sometimes leads me to blindly trust those that profess faith in my god. A place to discuss the latest version of Dungeons and Dragons, the fifth edition, known during the playtest as D&D Next. Iron Spine [General] Negates 10 + 5 x Strength Mod pounds of breast … I put too much trust in those who wield power within my temple's hierarchy. At the same time though, he gives us an ideal. They combine the traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws from all of the backgrounds together for easy reference. Roleplaying Ideas: The most obvious application of this flaw would be to a half-fiend or tiefling meeting up with a devil or demon.Maybe the evil creature in question is slowly perverting the character to evil for their own ends and uses their fiendish heritage to manipulate them. Here go some examples: Any drug addiction, either booze, smoking or other drugs. Log in Sign up. His reason is that he needs to get ride of the evil competition, and if there are going to be any evil cults, they should be dedicated to him. Enjoy and comment. It's kind of annoying, though, because our party is full of fairly low CHA characters. 40 votes, 58 comments. mostly futile? You'd have lines like: "You get all the cool items" even if it's a copper piece dirtied with mud. A nervous twitch when you lie (Penalty in Bluff). He accepts missions and NPC interventions as-is and assumes everyone is kinda helpful. They need to bring something inherently bad to be considered a flaw. Probably one of the harder characters I've had to play. Press J to jump to the feed. B. I have a dragonborn that is like that, always broken and hard to fully follow. He/she is charming, always has the best intentions at heart, does the right thing, everyone loves them, and they can turn a situation around no matter the odds. Made of a fun story. Trying to make that matter to a bunch of bandits that want your gold is going to far. These provide manifestations and visceral attacks. If you don't have flaws your characters will be unbelievable and boring (looking at you superman). I'm trying to find some flaws that would be great to rp, actually be an upside or both. 42. Flaws should always have a down side. For extra points be a hoarder, or collector of very specific items. He's a halfling, so he runs a happy-go-lucky play style and usually gets away with it. Top dnd-flaws Tumblrs. One day I'll be stronger for the people I care about, and make more money for them, and be kinder as well. VA4 Lock and DND Flaws. There are no real downsides, as she is more than active enough to not get too fat, but it's fun to roleplay when we find a new town and our DM has always planned interesting food for me to discover. This character acts by the law of least effort. That's the man of tomorrow in me. These are only a few examples, there are many many more :P, My tiefling is obsessed with food. Discover more posts about dnd-flaws. The only changes made are to the table listings, which was done to shorten the entry and with the added intent of making them more standardized and readable. Plus she is super naive and gullible so I like to have bad guys try to manipulate her. Misc. Here are a few Flaws I had cooked up a while ago, but forgot all about until recently. 5. Flaws can be interesting, but something I've recently ran into was the idea of having conflicting ideals. If you turn up to a table with a list of flaws that are actually benefits I'd ask you to redo them or not invite you back then next week. Amateur's Pride : Must have at least 4 ranks in any craft, open lock, or disable device skill. p.s. BE:DnD Big Boob Feats Pt 1. If you don't have flaws your characters will be unbelievable and boring (looking at you superman). Maybe they have One arm? Envy: The difference between envy and greed is that a greed person wants more. The wiz just wanted to drink to forget that he accidentally killed his younger brother in a practice magic duel that got out of hand :/. "I'm really not good at thinking things over or planning things out." The gnome's story was that he'd been shunned by his village for taking interest in machines and tinkering, which his family and friends disapproved of. And one day we'll all be amazing too. Best character flaws you have played / … I know people love to think their ways around flaws, but they are amazing to roleplay. A envious person wants what others have. Flaws for D&D Characters NAME DESCRIPTION PREREQUISITE EFFECT Aligned Devotion Your healing powers are only as effective for those whose alignment closely matches yours. Question I often hear people say that haveing a flaw makes a dnd character more fun, and I was wondering if y’all had any flaws that you have used/seen/thought of that you have enjoyed or like the idea of. The party got sick of it and had an intervention in the middle of the woods. Ability to spontaneously cast cure spells The spells from the healing subschool have reduced effect on those who don’t share your alignment. Recent Top. A subreddit dedicated to the various iterations of Dungeons & Dragons, from its First Edition roots to its Fifth Edition future. A barbarian with bad hygene that wont get past the guards at a noble estate can be fun to RP. They're FLAWS not additional skills, traits or features that will always benefit you. The only thing I'd say is that it makes your character seem passive - "fear of loss" leads to "no close relationships" without saying what it is you do as an agent. Once you … The sun represents a new day, a new beginning, and a chance to start over as our fully realized selves. Like many mentioned, flaws are not benefits. Either way you'll spend more money than normal, more rations and you can had negative bonuses easily. Characters are permitted to take up to two flaws at level 1. Anxious when it comes to simple arithmetic, spit sprays from their mouth when excited, narcissistic: no empathy and everything is about them. As a result he really REALLY wanted to make some friends, was very trusting of strangers (hoping they'd become friends too, who cares if they have fangs...), and all his attempts to engage in social interaction I played as well (or badly I guess) as possible. So his background was really that of a loner, but not by choice, and when in the company of people there's no one friendlier. Physical flaws are an easy way to quickly set your character apart. Boasting in a tavern that you defeated a goblin like it was a Beholder. miss-sheepy. Here are some flaws I have with characters and how I've played them out. Usually telling lies to cover his ass. How doe a warforged get sick? 3. Flaws For D&D Characters In writing, there is a term called “ Mary Sue ” which refers to a character that is perfect in almost every way. Alternate personalities can be quite fun. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. One player might have their character take advantage of you, while another might try and wise you up. You cannot win The Game; you can only lose. Flaw Prerequisites Summary Abandonment Issues : Daddy left me. One of the most freeing things you can do is realize that failing is as fun as succeeding. I DM a group and one guy is doing a stink alcoholic neutral/chaotic Rogue, man it's one one the funniest things I ever experience, last session a DC convince him to go in the quest offering a bottle of a expensive moonlight (15gp) that the bartender is selling, He grab the bottle, accept the quest, drink, and after rob the bartender of the tavern. One of my favorite flaws in … Has been great to roleplay - I (player) have a pretty good grasp of how to handle social situations but I RP the character kind of heavy-handing his way through things. I am inflexible in my thinking. Locked Flaws can not increase (re-roll if flaw type is selected), and lose all manifestation levels. Like a super rank barbarian. It made for a funny realization for the party. 1. Flaws are fun things that let you do badly at a thing, not ways to reword being good at something else. I think it's an important job for the DM to introduce an internal character conflict at some point for each character. It doesn't have to be conflicting ideals, it can aslo be conflicts between the other personality traits. That's why Superman gets his power from the sun, and we do too. Its a good way to remind yourself to push yourself towards adventure and discovery, because how can you be surprised otherwise? I'm looking for some idea … Those that match your alignment Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ~ Optional Paizo insanity rules. Best character flaws you have played / played with? I'd rather have an 6-8 stat than an 10-11. A subreddit dedicated to the various iterations of Dungeons & Dragons, from its First … Whereas a feat enables a character to be better than normal at performing a task (or even to do something that normal characters can't), a flaw restricts a character's capabilities or imposes a penalty of some sort. Unless other party members get there first, he usually just opens doors without checking for traps. Pride: You take your achievements very highly. One of my favorite flaws in a character is insomnia (50% chance to sleep). Specifically, when a player opts to take disadvantage on a roll that the DM has called for or specifically incurs a cost or setback because of a trait, ideal, bond, or flaw, that player may claim Inspiration. The rogue would spend her watch at night rifling through my pack to make sure I wasn't squirreling away any liquor. \$\begingroup\$ @ShadowKras plenty of flaws have a way of redounding to the group if the group isn't going to just cut the flawed member loose. Any time you are reminded of The Game, you lose, and have to say, "I lost The Game!" A Character cannot be greater than a Stage 3 in a Flaw Chain before its opposite is locked. Being gullible was my favorite flaw to roleplay. I know people love to think their ways around flaws, but they are amazing to roleplay. "Repulsed statement: Disgusting meatbags.". Archived. You speak common, but not fluently. . What are your favorite flaws for dnd characters? So, to me, Superman isn't boring. You can move at three-quarters your normal speed. Recommended Literature. Any time you take bludgeoning Damage make a con save of 15 on a fail your head drops off in a random direction. nausea is a biological adaptation. The Rules of The Game are simple. I often hear people say that haveing a flaw makes a dnd character more fun, and I was wondering if y’all had any flaws that you have used/seen/thought of that you have enjoyed or like the idea of. If you are like me and you like to scan through all of the backgrounds to find the perfect set of personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws for your character, then these lists might come in handy. Feats, Flaws, or Fighting Styles have been listed in the 3.5 world and therefore, unlike other compilations, have not had to undergo changes. cliffmat 10 months ago. Although it looks nice, I'm not yet convinced it was a good use of money, and I'm wondering if I'm missing something (though reading through the forums I doubt it). Character Flaws. I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely. u/putting_stuff_off. Just wait until he finds out what people do in the outhouse. I just started with a new character whose flaw is that he's too trusting and easy going about things he should be cautious about. Looked around but didn’t see anything about that. I plan on one day making a drug-addict wizard, who goes on adventures and tries to smoke anything he can find while keeping note of the best drugs he tried and their effects. My favorite flaw I've personally played with is megalomania, usng an evil sorcerer who adventures with the party to slay evil. .

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