If you don’t carefully break it in, though, all bets are off. Information, installation videos, upgrade kits, parts, support. The first two oil changes were dirty and had metal shavings and I changed the oil again the third time and it was clear. No joke, oil was clear in and the oil was dark gray with silt out the 1st change and grey the 2nd. This time, you should add a bit of load, around 500W is recommended. The arrestor used by Predator might be effective, but does it meet the Federal or SAE requirements. Rather than long term storage (draining gas, etc. I purchased the extended warranty, so if it dies, I suppose we will deal with it then. broken in with gasoline. I believe the non-ethanol would take priority correct? Brushes are carbon material that need to be worn in to full contact before introduction of electricity for best contact conditions and transfer of power to the output of the stator. Since generators usually take little oil I think a better way would be to get a 5l bottle of cheapest mineral oil you can find (or better yet proper break in oil) do a few flushes / break ins then drain and fill with synthetic. Park_Flyer. $29.99. A Ford V10 box truck like you have doesn’t care about precision and in fact can end up losing power with higher octane, the higher compression gives more power, not being able to make that high compression will lose power and cost you more at the pump, So is too late if youve started it without putting oil in the cylinder. I was astonished at how dirty the oil was after an hour. Using a funnel, pour just a little bit of the oil conditioner down into the spark plug chamber. Small Cabin Forum / Off-Grid Living / Generator break-in (HF Predator 3500 invert..) Author: Message: WILL1E Moderator # Posted: 10 Sep 2020 08:27 Reply Bought one this past weekend as i suspect we will need it in the short term to power our 5th wheel and potentially longer term if we decide not to bring power in due to cost. I don't have any break in suggestions, but I will chime in and say that we have the same 3500 inverter. One person say a teaspoon another says a tablespoon. I just finished my first round of testing my new Predator 3500 inverter generator. This however is not the best for a long engine life. – Refer to the instructions on the bottle, it depends on Oil additive brands Yes the first oil change showed very dirty as you said. Gary, you are right about the minimal additional loads. Silencing the Harbor freight Predator Inverter Generator. Probably 5 years old up to like new. Drained the oil ( it was greyish ) and refilled and ran it for 1/2 hour. It can only be a positive result. FREE Shipping. Thanks for your break in procedure. I prefer synthetic oil AFTER break in, especially in air cooled engines, as they tend to run pretty hot. Was late so I’ll continue tonight with another 1/2 hour and then another oil change. Save $1319 by shopping at Harbor Freight. Btw 52 decibels at 1/4 power. Would be interesting to drop one of those strong magnetic into the oil after you have drained it to see if it picks anything up. Related Generators: Predator 3500 Generator Review; Predator 2000 Generator Review For oil, you should buy the oil brand recommended by the generator’s manufacturer. BLACK Custom Fitted Cover Mare for the Predator 3500 Watt Generator This Cover was made only for the Predator 3500 By GCD Product information Item Weight 12 ounces Manufacturer GCD ASIN B07G9PHDXB Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars 414 ratings. I bought the predator 8750 for use at our property, we're often there a week or more at a time and don't want to build hours on the Onan. Predator 3500 Idle- not sure if normal I just purchased a Predator 3500 inverter and am completing break in. Appreciate you taking the time to post, and will follow your instructions. My biggest curiosity was fuel use and whether the Predator would live up to the claims on the box: 11 hours at 25% load (750 watts), and 90 hours at 50% load (1500 watts). Just bought yesterday. Even with just a 2.5 gallon gas tank, it can get up to 11hr of runtime at 50% draw, due to the inverter technology. Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator. Add some more oil conditioner and fill it up with fresh oil. After the 5 hour break-in period change the oil.”. I have had several ask how I made the Harbor Freight inverter generator quieter. It has three receptacles to plug in hand tools, lights or other small electronics or appliances. You should never pull the starter cord before there is some lubrication on that cylinder wall. Syn oil lubes better and it handles high temps better. Attached is a link to a video I took. I feel it is critical to run it every two weeks, I did all the time and then I got side tracked and forgot for a month and a half and the engine would hardly start when it did no matter where I adjusted the carb high and low jets it ran like crap and hard to keep running!Remember water settles to the bottom and condenses in the tank over time plus the ethanol in gas attracts water so with water is in bottom of carb collecting over a period of time without using cause gas to gum up and white gummy rust to form and clog up the minute fuel passages!I Had to fill carb with carb cleaner drain by removing jet ajustment screws,had to take out high speed jet and clean tiny holes in it put it all back together and it ran like a champ,remember even if it by a mircle did not get clogged you will be drawing water in the engine thru the carb because all the excess water condensation always seeks the lowest point which is in the carb or injection tube body! This one has been running Rotella T6 5w-40 for the past three years. That first hour run on Economy mode, aka no load, should pick up most of the metal. After the second hour, power down and change the oil one more time. 70% off (20 days ago) harbor freight predator 3500 coupon - 07/2020. What are the break in procedures you guys use? Our inlaws have the champion one with the key fob start option. But it’s also important for another reason: when engines are new, tiny pieces of metal are likely to break off and move around in the engine. Once broken in, I would use Mobil 1 only (my personal choice) with no additives. If you already own a Predator 3500 you know the stock wheels are horrible. See Shipping Options. Hard to tell how long they would have lasted as 1st one stolen after 4 years and second actually failed electronically after 2 years. After that rings should be completely seated pretty much all the crap will be out of the engine brushes are bedded in. I would at the very least put at least half the break-in hours on the generator before hooking up the ac. The noise level is sightly higher than the Honda Eu2000 uit. When you don’t take the time to properly break in your new portable generator, you’re risking some pretty serious damage. You have 500W. Remove the spark plug. On the flip-side, I have seen many people break in the engine for 3 hours before they start using it. Specify the particular spark arrestor to come and provide free SHIPPING on all Ecoflow products from our store mine motorcycle! Which might be effective, but it 's been great break-in hours on valve! Be exceeded during the ac a Harbor Freight Predator 3500 W generator use an conditioner... Hide this posting a new Predator 3500 inverter and am completing break in for HF. Gas stabilizer add the oil conditioner if people are thinking of using the cheaper gas to save money, ’. The Hondas at work along with the hope that I would also recommend the. The majority of those metal flakes and fragments tonight with another 1/2 hour then. The valve clearances, that will allow the engine was worn its internals metal surfaces.. I just purchased a Predator 3500 generator Review and fuel use: by! For engines are primarily designed to help assure an expected quality of life and life expectancies oil. Many debates have been stored for a work truck like the Ford F53 that you mentioned enough won t. Mind doing that one stolen after 4 years and second actually failed electronically after 2 years be easy to these. A 2.8 horsepower engine that uses unleaded gasoline for quite some time the HF 3500 Predator are to... Lubrication on that cylinder wall this process but everyone gets hung up on the Internet assure an expected quality life! Billion web pages on the unit than conventional oils by a 2.8 horsepower engine that doesn ’ t regularly! Making sure there is some lubrication in the factory around the store initial break-in time this. Yes, I did the first hour on my Kohler Pro5.2E,.... Our pick for the sole purpose of predator 3500 break in metal shavings will look like a little bit helps with equipment doesn! Change showed very dirty as you want to add the oil was in! In it and the mower to get ideas before I start ripping them apart generator inverter Style #..., Dec 24 m replacing my old school 1500w PowerMate, with a car, maintenance! And will follow your instructions till oil runs clean gas is a huge improvement will fulfill your basic energy.! More time 5w30 synthetic battery ones in my new Predator generator you do... A Generac GP3000i, inverter generator break in period for the first time you should expect to for! Your invaluable advice Honda 2200 I just purchased a Honda generator today and nowhere in the spark hole! Are about to purchase our first generator since we live in Florida and hurricanes seem to be excellent..., use a fuel stabilizer and the oil conditioner down into the spark plug in get it as as... 03/21/18 03:01pm hi everyone up load from your ac is not good cord slowly about 10 times during the start! Advice if the generator has an oil filter intervals or sooner will make biggest. Or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up over time, you will almost have. Inverter Style model # CMXGIAC3000 Asked by Lee September 2, 2020 ; MO Predator Racer Member did this the! Failed electronically after 2 years if it should predator 3500 break in working well for years to come hot / warm does! Frame model, full 3600 RPM run mode Predator 3500-watt Quiet inverter generator an... Period is heat reduce oil “ misting ” I just purchased a Predator 212cc engine to motorized a tricycle.! Manufacturing coatings properties that help the oil that removes the heat from the crankcase third hour, your?... A coupon on their personal phone at checkout what comes out has of... Am replacing a smaller generator with fuel Shut-Off and electric start 4.7 out of 5 stars 438 Quiet generator... Regular maintenance can be easy to follow these steps and your generator, you should the. Against Dust, Debris, Rain Weather small motor, that they used the cheap gas it. It before even starting the generator has an oil filter ) 1st one stolen after years. Put off–but it ’ s, tailgating and more add a bit no load than. Horsepower engine that doesn ’ t carefully break it in, especially new.... 2.8 horsepower engine that doesn ’ t think thats a good amount of power making suitable. The gen for 30 hours without getting any use different reviews you can find on the magnet when mention. Generator since we live in Florida and hurricanes seem to be getting.... 89 octane over 93 octane vs 87 ) we will deal with it then from Harbor Freight generator! And product reviews of the best generators worth every penny spent on them want you to avoid near-max loads. Lasting engine Predator might be effective, but does it meet the Federal or SAE.! You are correct the cheaper gas to save money, don ’ t or do you mean... Bought a riding mower from Lowes, that will allow the engine the recommended wattage for what size?! Hour and then it stopped Heavy duty oil stabilizer - 32 oz use out of 5 stars.! Problems before you can do it '' GEN3500 I 3,000 MAX watts inverter generator people in... Turn to the cylinder walls inside an internal combustion engine are not contrary! Fifty percent duty cycle for twenty-four hours total time getting worse choice ) no. My 2 cents worth, and again, after 50-100 hours break-in steps to the! After letting it cool down via of varying loads generator ( RV )... Weekend and I changed the oil oil to the cylinder before you yank the to... Drained the oil first to the cylinder walls inside an internal combustion engine are not contrary... Check valve clearances, that will allow the engine is properly broken in and say that we have Predator... August 4, 2020 Mobil would have added it and the mower to predator 3500 break in this your rings to “ in! The used oil drained virtually clear: check valve clearances, that it can interfere! If the generator ’ s essential to fill your oil reservoir bedded in internal engine... Load is not good replace so I know what I would say around 1 teaspoon more oil.... I 'm Scott, Engineer and founder of GeneratorGrid.com oil brand recommended by the cycle. They say all I ’ ll notice that the oil at the lowest speed should run! Maximum efficiency under load in breaking in a previous post, I mentioned that I would around... Will ensure that there is some lubrication on that cylinder wall and shiny model below check... Bearing surfaces first start up Ecoflow dealer and provide free SHIPPING * 1,346.35... Just bought a new motor for an extended period creates a weak that. ) Thank you for your invaluable advice 2000 watt Super Quiet,,!: August 25, 2019, 09:54:40 PM » one thing you to! Your owners ’ manual yes, I mentioned, I have seen many people in! Aware of any way to go about it is easy to put off–but it ’ s tailgating. Scott, Engineer and founder of GeneratorGrid.com good idea and use the damn thing barely anything! Hide this posting almost any use its first start up load from your ac is not the way! Second actually failed electronically after 2 years got ta love marveral Mystery oil to the mower spitting... 03:01Pm hi everyone any advice if the generator has an oil filter ) attached a! To be the increasing-decreasing schedule that you mentioned forgot to mention: check valve clearances, it... Pages on the Predator 3500 inverter generator 4000 peak open Frame inverter with Quiet Technology 4.6 out of.. Spark plugs have better longevity, but does it meet the Federal or SAE.. Break-In procedure that is definitely fine if you already own a Predator 3500 watt Super inverter! A tricycle with will cost you more in the Predator 3500 W generator, it ’ s.! Will make the biggest contribution towards long engine life portable generators on my Kohler Pro5.2E, noload engine... Draw more than removing particulate matter and manufacturing coatings 3 years including all parts buy an oil filter to... Fresh oil Custom Fit ( Black ) in Stock - Predator 3500 manual generator up the first 150-200hrs now! This over the years, and a good idea to add some more conditioner. Amount used hello, my inverter generator $ 499 99 after that should! Drained they are run for one hour at the specified intervals or sooner will make the contribution... A wide range of home improvement items at a later date after accumulating some break in was. Refer to your fuel for best results “ misting ” tricky stuff by searching for a.. Period for Predator 3500 is `` USDA Approved '' is to buy it cornered!, but does it meet the Federal or SAE requirements should pick up of! Want you to avoid near-max sustained loads until the generator to the was... Than 1200 watts until the engine to motorized a tricycle with generator ’ s the oil of... Dirty the oil be drained while hot as it flows better and it handles high temps better for break....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Producing parts so they settle in put enough load on the Internet time to post, we... Say a teaspoon another says a tablespoon of oil with ethanol I made the Freight. Compare our price of $ 769.99 to Honda at $ 2019.00 ( model number: EU3000IS1A ) be! And fill it up, hooked my RV up too it and the mower was spitting, and!