Mona didn’t want Belinda to take pictures of her and her baby. If people can feel special on their photo shoot days, so can Sugar!” It’s not the first time a sausage dog has been snapped for a maternity shoot. Belinda Sol Photography. Adorable Dachshund Mom Poses With Puppies In Incredible Photoshoot. The dog is Cindi, the owner is Vicki Miller of Vicki Miller Photography , and the whole thing is both utterly ridiculous and completely wonderful all at once. Photographer Vicki Miller treated her short-haired dachshund to a series of happy snaps while pregnant. Pregnant dachshunds need quality food that is high in protein. This Photographer Gave Her Pregnant Dachshund an Over-the-Top Maternity Shoot, and It's Magical September 1, 2019 by Murphy Moroney First Published: August 27, 2019 That is why so many women all over the world capture their pregnancies with a maternity photo shoot. The results of the pregnancy shoot and the follow-up with her new pups were downright incredible. It all started with a photo of the pregnant sausage dog with 6 little bonnets It was an incredible challenge for the professional photographer, and her excitement helped her make a dress for the dog and buy the props she needed for the shoot. After about 6 weeks, the dachshund's nutritional requirements will increase. During the middle of the pregnancy the dog's abdomen may grow but there will likely be very little weight gain. Her beautiful dachshund had just given birth to a litter of beautiful puppies. Belinda admits she had never done a dog photoshoot before, and she was full of excitement to do this one. Dachshund Health Tip: Three Warning Signs of IVDD A Most Unique Gift Laura Shockley, a photographer from Lakewood, Washington […] Things get very interesting when you realize that Mia is a pregnant Dachshund. She wanted pictures of Mia, her pregnant dachshund. Most probably it can be the most adorable pictures we’ve seen in a long time. We previously showed you Lilica - a pregnant dog who totally rocked her maternity photo shoot, and now we would like to introduce Chanel. Naturally, like most mothers, this person wanted her dachshund to share in the joy of baby photos. She wanted to remember her adorable pet when she was glowing and happy and ready to deliver her babies. Dachshund And Her 6 Puppies Get Their Own Photo Shoot June 24th, 2018. ... One woman recently hired a professional photographer to capture photos of her pregnant dachshund. Owners should feed pregnant dachshunds about 50 percent more than before conceiving. Memories of A Lifetime Bringing another life into this world is a miraculous gift from the heavens above. Oct 11, 2016 - It's no secret that maternity photo shoots are a trend. Read on to find out more about the shoot and see photos … Photographer gives pregnant dachshund a maternity photoshoot and *gasp* ... this maternity photo shoot ranks up there with the best of them. A dog maternity shoot involving a Miniature Dachshund and soft back-lighting and flower crowns and a beautiful pregnant dog belly. One day, Mona, a woman called her to have a photo shoot. But it wasn’t what she expected. In fact, even our canine friends have joined the trend.