My buttons 1 and 4 seem to be working fine still. Wirelessly activate scenes or lights and send alerts to your smartphone or tablet whenever motion is detected. They paired fine as Zigbee multi-button, but I’ve noticed in the IDE logs and in WebCore that a single press of either the power on or power off buttons results in multiple ‘button pressed’ status updates which is causing unpredictable behavior. I have been browsing the forums trying to find something on this and google hasnt turned up much either so I made an account to ask formally. 3. AduroSmart ERIA smart plug dimbare stekker - ZigBee 3.0 - EU (o.a. FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Extremely small and light, the sensor sits in a perfectly shaped magnetic mounting base for precise and firm positioning. Easy installs with included flush mount and corner mount wall brackets and begins to learn as Soon as batteries power it up. Simply connect your smart bulb with the Wireless Dimmer and you have access from anywhere in your home up to 90 ft. Easy to use, easy to install and works with any ZigBee certified light, also works with the AduroSmart ERIA hub for total smart home integration. Artikel-Modellnummer. Op zoek naar een slimme stekker die geschikt is voor andere apparaten? I can test mine tomorrow to see if it has the same problem. AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Starter Kit, 1 Wireless Controlled Soft White A19 Bulb and 1 Wireless Dimming Switch 4.2 out of 5 stars 31 $21.99$21.99 Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote (Requires Hue Hub, Installation-Free, Smart Home, Exclusively for Philips Hue Smart Bulbs) 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,331 $23.97$23.97 10reviewz Participates In The Amazon Associates Associates Program, An Affiliate Advertising Program Designed To Provide A Means For Sites To Earn Commissions By Linking To Amazon. Maybe that caused a bug with buttons 1 and 4. but in the last week or so for whatever reason the 1st and 4th buttons have stopped working. I asked them directly via Amazon and they replied (on Feb 7): Yes SmartThings integration will be live very soon. I bought a few Adurosmart Eria 4 button remotes. One long push, one long event 3) What is happening/not happening? Natively compatible with SmartThings, it works with most brands of Z-wave home security hubs like Vera Plus, Vera Edge, Vera Lite, HomeSeer, D-link staples connect and Piper NV. Battery not packed with the box. The ERIA is a four-button zigbee switch. Custom handler needed for SmartThings (contact seller for details). 6. 130 g. Markenname: AduroSmart. Contrôle via l’application, fonctionne avec AduroSmart ERIA, SmartThings et Hue (hub requis). Which model remote does your shows in the IDE? The ERIA wireless motion sensor can be wirelessly connected to a smart home hub, such as AduroSmart ERIA, Samsung Smart Things, and Echo Plus. The ERIA wireless motion sensor can be wirelessly connected to a smart home hub, such as AduroSmart ERIA, Samsung Smart Things, and Echo Plus. No advanced settings available (there's only one sensitivity level for a solid 30-foot detection range). I have encountered an odd issue recently. I don't see it … Good Morning, I have encountered an odd issue recently. Keep away from direct rainfall and sunlight. Built-in Z-Wave range test tool for easier network troubleshooting. Does anyone know anything about this or have some insight? NOT supported by Wink, ADT, Vivint, or Motion sensor accurate to 23 feet, TriSensor also detects temperature -10~50°C / 14~122°C with accracy of ±1°C, 0~30000 LUX with ±3% accracy. Creating my own device handler. You can customize your switch functionalities and control your lighting from anywhere in the world. The ERIA wireless motion sensor can be wirelessly connected to a smart home hub, such as AduroSmart ERIA, Samsung Smart Things, and Echo Plus. I actually ordered 3 of these because of that response. Important note: Works with the AduroSmart ERIA App hub and app *hub required (sold separately) Amazon Alexa and Alexa App (AduroSmart hub required). The AduroSmart ERIA hub works with a wide range of Zigbee products ERIA hub works with more than 100 compatible devices from different brands, including lights, IP cameras, voice assistants, smart lock, and thermostats etc. Sensor sits perfectly on a shelf, table counter or desk, and can be mounted to a wall or ceiling using the included mounting hardware - can be placed up to 150 feet from the Z-Wave hub or closest Z-Wave device, Covers an 180 degree range and can detect motion from up to 45 feet away - three (3) adjustable motion sensitivity levels for small or large rooms/areas ( low / medium / high ), Two Power Options - Powered wirelessly by two (2) CR123A batteries (included) for a battery life of up to 2 years or can be powered via micro USB cable and power adapter (cable and adapter sold separately) recommended for high-traffic areas like entry-ways, common rooms, and hallways. EASY TO INSTALL: Add it to your system quickly through auto-inclusion and mount it in minutes with just a couple of screws. Bestuur via de APP, werkt met AduroSmart ERIA, SmartThings en Hue (hub vereist). Best Multifunction Laser Printers For Mac, The Samsung SmartThings motion sensor can monitor movement in your home and send you alerts if there's unexpected activity when you're away, It can trigger lights and other connected Devices to turn on when there is movement, and monitor temperature.Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor, Connects to the Samsung SmartThings Hub to automate and monitor your home from the SmartThings smart phone app or Amazon Alexa, Detects motion up to 15 feet with 120 degree view range;Monitor motion and temperature, Nearly 1/2 the size of the current smartsense motion, for a more minimal presence in the smart home, Monitor temperature in an area of your home and trigger the thermostat to adjust automatically, Works with SmartThings, Wink, Vera, and ZigBee platforms, Trigger scenes, notifications, and automation features when used with a ZigBee-compatible hub, Premium components provides accurate and instant motion detection in both Automation mode and security mode. At a Glance If you asked for our favorite ZigBee motion sensor in the list, then it will be none other than the AduroSmart motion sensor by ERIA. Save and turn on your favourite lighting scenes during your special moments throughout the day. The ERIA Motion Sensor detects motion within a 26 foot range. The sensors when used with a hub will send you notifications straight to your smartphone when there is motion detected. Program motion time-out and light level trigger by turning the knobs right on the sensor. The magnet appears to be a little bit weaker than a SmartThings magnet (tested by determining the distance at which it would pick up a ferrous screw). I had to … Skip to main AduroSmart Eria has a complete collection of smart home products. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. AduroSmart ERIA Smart Door + Window Sensor, Hub Required: Description: The ERIA Extended Color Spotlight offers a range of over 16 million color combinations along with multiple white tone (2000~6500K) settings to let you choose whatever mood you want. The sensors when used with a hub will send you notifications straight to your smartphone when there is motion detected. AduroSmart-lampen kunnen het zonlicht van zonsopgang tot zonsondergang nabootsen. Let op, betreft de Nederlandse versie. It can also be controlled by your smartphone/tablet as well as voice controlled through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Alexa is NOT a Z-Wave hub (the sensor won't work directly with Echo). Installation free: No wiring required to easily add wireless dimming into your home without needing to call an electrician. AduroSmart ERIA . Prior I had the AduroSmart dimmers serving as switches in my home and they all worked just fine. The ERIA Motion Sensor detects motion within a 26 foot range. Bestuur via de APP, werkt met AduroSmart ERIA, SmartThings en Hue (hub vereist). 2 POWER SOURCES: Runs on a single battery for up to a year (depending on traffic and settings) OR on micro USB cable (NOT INCLUDED). All Hello, Sign in. Great solution for light automation and security monitoring. Ondersteund Max. Does NOT work with Wink, Ring, ADT, or other Z-Wave alarm panels. SECURITY: Equipped with the latest authenticated S2 security protocol for encrypted signal and hacker-proof smart home (NOTE: your Z-Wave hub needs to support S2 for this feature to work). Try. In Verbindung mit einem Hub senden die Sensoren Benachrichtigungen direkt an Ihr Smartphone, wenn eine Tür oder ein Fenster geöffnet oder geschlossen wird. A 3 year battery life will keep it monitoring your home for a long time to come. It offers 50,000 white shades. Just ask! They recently made changes to the device handler to prevent multiple button presses. 24/7 Monitoring: Receive alerts when there’s unexpected movement in your home, Home Automation: Set devices to automatically turn on or off as people come and go to minimize energy usage, Detection Ready:  Adjust the sensor with the quick tilt magnetic ball mount to capture motion up to 15 feet with 120 degree view range, Requirements: Must have SmartThings App and SmartThings Hub or compatible device with SmartThings Hub functionality (connected devices sold separately), Compatibility: Works with Google, Alexa, SmartThings, and Z-Wave and ZigBee communication protocols. Artikel-Gewicht. EXTRA FEATURES: Adjustable motion sensitivity and retrigger time. From smart lamps to security products and from sensors to smart switches. I tested a pair of the ERIA color and white spectrum BR30 lights and I’ve been quite satisfied. SUPPORT: Questions or issues? Ondersteund fase aan en afsnijding dimbare lampen. Samsung Electronics F-IRM-US-2 SmartThings Motion Sensor, Centralite Micro Motion Sensor (Works with SmartThings, Wink, Vera, and ZigBee platforms), Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector Pet Immune, White - PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO, GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Portable Smart Motion Sensor, Tabletop/Wall/Ceiling Mount, Battery or USB Powered, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, ZWave Hub Required, 34193, AduroSmart ERIA Smart Motion Sensor Works with AduroSmart ERIA/Alexa/Smart Things/Echo Plus, Aeotec TriSensor, Z-Wave Plus S2 Motion, Temperature, Light Sensor, 3-in 1 Home Automation Security System, Battery Powered, Samsung Electronics F PIR-1 ADT Motion, Help Secure Your Home with a Range of Easy-to-Install Wireless Detectors and Alarms, Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Outdoor Motion Sensor ZSE29, Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Motion Sensor ZSE18 with Magnetic Mount, Works with Vera and SmartThings, Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLBAA Magnetic Motion Sensor, White. NL) ... Trädfri bridge van Ikea, SmartThings. HD is apparently carrying it, their price is about $30, and it uses regular AAA batteries. Good Morning, Z-Wave Plus chip for longer range and increased battery life. Skip to main Wink or based security panels) compatibility cannot be guaranteed. 4. Zooz has fast and responsive US-based support to help you with set-up, functionality, and automation routines. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. 1) Give a description of the problem AduroSmart ERIA Dimmer switch is firing off multiple events for each up/down button press 2) What is the expected behaviour? Analytics cookies. Wireless: The ERIA Motion Sensor offers a simple installation free of wiring and can be placed on any surface or installed on the wall with its 120 degree rotatable bracket so that you can target each area you want. I am using ERIA Color BR30 bulbs, and the V3 SmartThings Hub and an updated version of the app and it seems to be such a bizarre thing to happen randomly. Try. Overcomes potential interference of pets as large as 55 lbs, saving nuisance false alarms. but in the last week or so for whatever reason the 1st and 4th buttons have stopped working. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Is te koppelen aan Homey, Google-assistent, Alexa en IFTTT. I had to turn on and off functionality to the 2 and 3 buttons the < and > I used for moving between brightness levels and only then would my lights turn on and off. Abmessungen. You signed in with another tab or window. Adjustable calibration. Acts as signal extender when connected to USB. Requires a Z-Wave certified gateway - Compatible with the following Z-Wave certified Hubs: SmartThings, Wink, Nexia, Trane and Iris. FAST DETECTION: Reports motion to your Z-Wave smart home system reliably. CERTIFIED SECURE: Uses the latest S2 Z-Wave protocol and AES-128 signal encryption. VIEW OUR COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Switch Remote: Home. En meet en analyseer uw stroomverbruik. This Means That Whenever You Buy A Product On Amazon From A Link On Here, We Get A Small Percentage Of Its Price. All Hello, Sign in. Relais de variation 81849 EU AduroSmart Connect diverses lampes à intensité variable et commutez et tamisez votre éclairage via votre smartphone / tablette. I just bought this (Adurosmart Eria Wireless Dimming Switch Remote) and the model name had changed from Adurolight_NCC to AduroLight_NCC (uppercase L)… So the new Smartthings App would not really show any buttons… So I had to modify the Groovy script three places (Zigbee multi button) to support the new model as well (still supporting previous models also). You signed out in another tab or window. Eria ERIA A19 Starter Kit Features. Kijk eens naar de Hue smart plug of INNR smart plug. The reason is pretty obvious. OUTDOOR SENSOR: Introducing the first Z-Wave motion detector created for outdoor use. Z-Wave Plus certification number: ZC10-18056128. COMPATIBILITY: The sensor works great on HomeSeer, Hubitat, Fibaro, and Vera. The AduroSmart ERIA Motion Sensor offers you energy efficiency at home while safely monitoring your property when you are away. Z-Wave hub required, sold separately. Work with AduroSmart ERIA, SmartThings, Philips HUE, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant; Control Your Smarthome Through the ERIA App; Lighting with 16 Million colors and 50,000 shades of white; Store and play your favorite lighting scenes We started working with eight different products. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, ERIA AduroSmart Dimmer Buttons 1 and 4 stopped working,, Fixed 'parseAduroSmartButtonMessage' function in zigbee-mulit-button.groovy. The ERIA Motion Sensor detects motion within a 26 foot range. Prior I had the AduroSmart dimmers serving as switches in my home and they all worked just fine. Craft your own smart home with 3 levels of detecting calibration. Pressing them causes the switch to light up green but those buttons arent logged in the history and their commands arent being sent. Powered by 1 x CR123A battery, estimated battery life: 1 Year. Reload to refresh your session. Compatibility: Compatible with ERIA wireless controlled lights, outlets, and hubs. Five Year battery Life and discrete design keep it out of sight and out of mind when not on alert. AduroSmart ERIA® Zigbee 3.0 stekker aan/uit - Werkt met Hue, Smarthings en AduroSmart ERIA. Set lights and other connected devices to turn on and off as people come and go, Initiate optional ADT professional monitoring services when an intrusion is detected in your home, Requires an SmartThings ADT Security Starter Kit (F ADT STR KT 1). Power it with batteries (included) or micro USB (cable + adapter sold separately). AduroSmart ERIA (10) Centralite (7) Climax (2) Commercial Electric (2) Cree (2) GE (4) IKEA (1) IRIS (5) Leviton (11) Lux (2) Nexturn (1) Osram (24) Philips Hue (5) … For an LED a big heat sink is a good thing because heat … The buttons are: #1 on, #2 UP, #3 DOWN, #4 off. Monitor activity remotely through your Z-Wave hub (required, sold separately) and automate outdoor lighting based on motion. Sincerely, AduroSmart Support. Pressing them causes the switch to light up green but those buttons arent logged in the history and their commands arent being sent. Schakel al uw apparaten Aan/uit via uw smartphone/tablet of uw stem met behulp van deze aan/uit-stekker. Reload to refresh your session. Simply connect our motion sensor with the ERIA Hub and receive smartphone notifications whenever a presence is detected. 88 x 60 x 140 mm. 300W voor led verichting, gloeilampen en halogeenlampen; Combineer met een gewone schakelaar. Easily controlled with your smartphone/tablet, or even by using voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. One push, one event. I have seen some mention of the ERIA dimmers and bulbs - has anyone experimented with this Zigbee motion sensor (ERIA Smart Motion Sensor — AduroSmart ERIA)? Bedien uw dimbare lampen slimmer, plug ze in deze dimbare slimme stekker en bedien uw lampen via uw smartphone / tablet met de app en hub van AduroSmart ERIA... 304955 174536 The extra weight is most likely from a big heatsink. Custom device handler needed for SmartThings (go to Zooz support portal or contact seller for instructions). Compatible with certified Z-Wave gateways including: Samsung SmartThings, Vera, Zipabox, Open Z-Wave, Homeseer HS3, Domoticz, Isy994i ZW universal controller and more. Amazon Echo Plus (no hub required). Control your lighting effortlessly from the kitchen to the comfort of your sofa with the ERIA wireless Dimming switch. Motion Detectors allow you to monitor an area and are typically disabled when your system is set to “Home” to avoid setting off your own alarm. The sensors when used with a hub will send you notifications straight to your smartphone when there is motion detected. Description: The Tunable White ERIA Candle bulb can be remotely controlled by a wireless switch without the need of a hub. Hub Integration: Using the AduroSmart hub unlocks the full potential of ERIA products. Motion sensor can be connected to your hub to automatically switch your lighting on when you enter a room, and off when you leave the room. Works with ZigBee systems such as Samsung Smart Things and Wink. Hub Integration: Using the AduroSmart hub unlocks the full potential of ERIA products. 3-in 1 Motion, Temperature, Light sensor. Steuern Sie Ihre intelligenten Stecker über Ihr Smartphone / Tablet mit der App und dem Hub von AduroSmart Eria, Hue oder SmartThings oder mit Ihrer Stimme über Amazon Alexa oder Google Assistant (Hub erforderlich). Nu AduroSmart ERIA® Zigbee Inbouw aan/uit Schakelaar - 1000W Kopen in Inbraaksystemen Doe-het-zelf en Verbouw regio Bleskensgraaf ca: Verbind eenvoudig uw conventionele appara Starter set with the bridge and two E27 Tunable Color lamps (64.95 euros) Wireless and Cordless. AduroSmart ERIA Smart Door/Window Sensor Works with AduroSmart ERIA/Alexa/Smart Things/Echo Plus: Electronics Der drahtlose Tür-/Fenstersensor AduroSmart kann drahtlos mit Intelligenten Heim-Hubs wie AduroSmart, Samsung SmartThings, Wink und Echo Plus verbunden werden. If your brand is not listed, (e.g. Unlike the standard SmartThings Multi Sensor (for the same price), this AduroSmart ERIA sensor does not sense temperature or tilt (orientation). Your email address will not be published. Spraakbesturing: werkt met Amazon Alexa en Google Home in combinatie met een AduroSmart Eria, Hue of SmartThings hub. Vibration reports on SmartThings and other selected gateways. AduroSmart ERIA: Sensor Inteligente para Puerta / Ventana funciona con AduroSmart ERIA / Alexa / Wink / Smart Things / Echo Plus: Electrónicos Tamper protection and low battery alerts for your peace of mind. 81848. Will not pair with SmartThings Hub nor any other ADT panels, Adt professional monitoring services available for less than dollar 1 a day with no long term contracts. to refresh your session. Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave S2 certified for quicker response time, better wireless range up to 490 feet in open space, and additional wireless security encryption. AduroSmart ERIA Smart Motion Sensor –The Best Zigbee Motion Sensor For Alexa/SmartThings/Echo Plus. They are quite heavy, which is a good thing. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders.